Welcome to Moonlightmini

Ahoy thar! The site has been quiet for far too long. Aye! But that doesn't mean we be not roving the seas honing our skills and searchin' for plunder! Aye! We have. And we be getting set to sail with the tides bringing ye more of our piratey swag. To start, we have some sculpts from a while back. A couple new and one a bit familiar me thinks...

First up and on the left be Simon "Smalls" Marley (28086). He be short of stature but big on courage. And a right laugh at the tavern or gathered about a barrel of rum. He be worth his tiny weight in gold I tells ye.

Next up and to the far right be a Mister Wesley James (28085). He be a dread pirate to be sure and handy with both cutlass and shot.

Lastly we offer a bit of a resculpt. The former Liza Pepper had a bit of a chin so after much verbal abuse we present the new Liza Pepper (28087). She's just as quick with the blade but more likely to turn a head, me thinks. The former Liza Pepper 28076 will no longer be available.

I've been honing my sculpting skills and more new releases are on the way.

The Moonlightmini blog (http://moonlightmini.com/blog/) is still going, still hit and miss but limping along none the less. Stop by and watch as I attempt to chronicle more projects relating to this website and gaming in general. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment or a bit of piratey advice.


Latest News

May 1

New Additions to the store.

Added 28085, 28086, and 28087

November 1

New Additions to the store.

Added 28082, 28083, and 28084

May 23

New Additions to the store.

Added 29001, 29002, and 29003.