Welcome to Moonlightmini

Ahoy thar! It's been far too long since the last update, but here it be. We be offering a few new crew members for yer crews.

First up be Katherine "Katt" Cruz (28082). She be a fair lass but a hellion when crossed. She fights with flintlock and cutlass. Perhaps she'll carve a way into yer crew. ...or through them.

Next up is Red Tom (28083). He be a pirate by trade and a professional one at that. He has a head for figures and an eye for them too.

Lastly we offer Rot Gut (28084). He's a bit on the ripe side having run afoul of a none too forgiving bokor. She didn't take to his "advances" so now his advances be a bit on the slow side.

More new releases are on the way. Hopefully sooner...

The Moonlightmini blog (http://moonlightmini.com/blog/) is still going, still a bit haphazardly but limping along none the less. Stop by and watch as I attempt to chronicle more projects relating to this website and gaming in general. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment or a bit of piratey advice.


Latest News

November 1

New Additions to the store.

Added 28082, 28083, and 28084

May 23

New Additions to the store.

Added 29001, 29002, and 29003.